Siobhan Sheehan

   Even as a child, Siobhan sensed she had a vocation to the law.  As one of nine children, she developed a unique talent for conflict resolution, and throughout her schooling, her friends frequently sought her levelheaded counsel.  Shortly after graduating from St. Mary’s of Notre Dame, she attended the John Marshall Law School, during which she interned prestigious law firm in Dublin, Ireland, where she facilitated international real estate transactions and assisted in resolving corporate disputes.

After returning home to earn her law license, she continued to practice in this area, adding contract disputes to her growing list of skills, but as her family grew, she clearly needed to reduce her international travel schedule.  With strong family ties to Ireland, she continues her international practice on a consultancy basis, but she centers her practice more locally on residential and commercial real estate.

Siobhan has negotiated countless real estate transactions, and Siobhan’s clients feel valued regardless of the size of the transaction.  She has become one of the more prominent local attorneys in this area of the law, which she complements with estate planning, business incorporations, and debt resolution.  As the mother of five, she and her husband Norm actively attend their children’s countless events and activities, and they are active members in their community and parish.